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Vol State’s ThinkFast Game Show a success

Last updated on March 31, 2016

By: Shannon Feaganes, Web Editor

Volunteer State Community College hosted a ThinkFast Game Show celebrating Women’s History Month in the cafeteria March 2, at 12:45 p.m.

ThinkFast is an interactive game show created for colleges by TjohnE Booking & Production.  

ThinkFast allows college staff to customize the game show to fit certain themes and test student knowledge. ThinkFast provided game show buzzers, studio equipment, and interactive technology.    

TjohnE’s ThinkFast host, Paul Giambalvo, asked 12 students from the audience to volunteer to participate in the game who were given wireless keypads, and would allow them to answer questions displayed on the screen by pressing buttons on the keypad.

Each participating student was given a team name, and for each question answered correctly, they would gain points.

The questions were multiple choice and included both pop culture references as well as women’s history.

There were four talent portions in which contestants volunteered to compete against one another for placement in the final round by singing, dancing, or debating.  

Between a series of questions, a set of facts regarding women’s history appeared on the screen and polls were taken.  One of the polls asked the question, “Do you consider yourself a feminist?” to which half of the contestants answered, “Yes.”  

During the final round, the four remaining contestants had their speed tested when they were asked to answer a set of pop culture questions.

Those that hit their buzzer first would receive one hundred points if they answered the question correctly.  

The winner of ThinkFast and the grand prize of $200, with a total of 5000 points, was Aaron Smith, a Vol State student, who shared his prize with his friend.  

“I’m happy with my win, and I split it with my friend so we could get some lunch,” said Smith.  

The game show attracted the attention of the students in the dining room.  

“I’m happy that we had enough people to have a good time, but of course the more the merrier, and we had 100 at most,” said Giambalvo, “it would’ve been great to have more people, but we made the best of it, I think.”

Students expressed excitement about the ThinkFast Game Show after it was over, expressing hope that it would return next semester.  

“I think it was really, really fun,” said Penny Arwood, a Vol State student, “I would really like to participate next time.”        


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