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Volunteer Celebrates Black History Month

By: Keturah Tobias

Vol State celebrates Black History Month with an online Trivia Game Night and the chance of cash prizes 

A virtual game night will be hosted by The Office of Student Engagement on Thursday, Feb ninth from 6-7:30 p.m.  

This event is contracted by Neon Entertainment, who will provide a game show host and cash prizes. “In our Black History Trivia Game Show, we honor and celebrate the many artists, leaders, poets, inventors, musicians, authors, and trailblazers who have left their mark in history,” said Neon Entertainment. 

According to Vol State’s Campus Events Calendar, all students will receive an email with a link to participate in the game.  

The game is four rounds, and each round provides a $50 cash prize for the winner. The cash will be sent through Venmo to the winners within 24-48 hours.  

The event is meant to provide an opportunity for any student to join in an activity from home,” said Tabitha Sherell, Coordinator of Student Activities.  

“It gives students an opportunity to learn more about Black History Month is a fun and diverse environment,” says Nivia Alvarez Herrera, a current student at VSCC. 

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