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Vol State cafeteria remains closed until January; Food trucks will return for lunch dining option

Last updated on June 25, 2022

By Trent Lieffring

As of the Spring 2022 semester, Volunteer State Community College has not had a food service contractor to provide food on campus. That will continue to be the case until after renovations are completed to the cafeteria in January.

Vol State is using the absence of a food service contractor as an opportunity to remodel the cooking and prep area as well as adding new furniture for students in the tiled dining room.

“When we are closer to the summer of 2023, the college will conduct a search for our next food provider,” said Vice President Beth Carpenter. “We are hopeful that many vendors will express interest in delivering these services.”

Until the renovations to the cafeteria are completed, food tucks will still provide food services on campus.

Food trucks were first introduced to campus after Spring Break this semester. While some students are aware that there are food trucks on campus, the price and location of the food trucks on campus still has an impact on students.

“I’ve heard of them, but I haven’t gone to it. I don’t know where it’s at and I heard that it’s a little pricy too,” said Aron Zunun, a student at Vol State.

Even with food trucks on campus, the lack of a cafeteria has made getting food for students on a tight schedule an inconvenience.

“Not having a cafeteria would definitely make it harder for students that have the compact class time,” said Clayton Wells, a student at Vol State.

“For me personally, between classes around lunch time, I only have a 10-minute break. I would really have to go get food or end up bringing my own,” said Wells.

“I think it would be convenient because sometimes I want to go buy something from the cafeteria, but it’s not open,” said Zunun

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