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Vol State Celebrates Women’s History Month 

Last updated on April 14, 2023

By: Thomas Matchell

Volunteer State Community College celebrated Women’s History Month by hosting a women’s history trivia night. 

“It is important for students to participate so that we can show an interest in virtual event programming and continue to offer it during the school year. This event allows online students and students from all 4 campuses to participate because it is virtual,” said Coordinator of Student Activities, Tabitha Sherrell. 

The trivia night included four game rounds that consisted of a $50 cash prize each and a total of $200 for the entire night. 

“It is important to celebrate Women’s History Month to recognize all the accomplishments from women. The trivia game will provide information to students about women’s history in a fun and interactive way,” said Sherrell. 

“I do not think they are doing enough for Women’s History Month by doing a trivia night, they should have an assembly,” said Hanna Short. 

“I feel like they could have done more, I can’t say I have suggestions to what they could have done more for that. They could have shared more examples of why we have Women’s History Month,” said Nivia Sandoval. 

On a Facebook post by Volunteer State Community College Alumni & Friends, it was announced that there would be a 16th Annual Educate A Woman luncheon.  

According to the post, the event “brings together over 400 women who support scholarships that are funded by women for women attending VSCC.”  

Since the support of the event, 30 women have been awarded scholarships for this year to continue their education at Vol State. 

The luncheon featured guest speaker will be comedian, June Colson

The event has already been sold out but is still excepting donations to help support women furthering their education at Vol State. 

The Educate A Women luncheon will be held at First Baptist Church Hendersonville at 11 a.m. on April 28. 

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