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Vol State Food Trucks to arrive March 14

Last updated on March 29, 2022

By Trent Lieffring

UPDATE: Below is a list of food trucks scheduled for this week.

Monday, March 14- Food Truck: The Rolling Recipe and Wood Dining Room: Persian Flame

Tuesday, March 15- Food Truck: The Rolling Recipe, Yayo’s Original Mexican Gourmet

Wednesday, March 16- Food Truck: The Rolling Recipe, The Table of Cuba, and Wood Dining Room: Persian Flame

Thursday, March 17- Food Truck: After 7 Flavors

Menus may be found at

Vol State has contacted and is in the process of hiring the following food trucks, pending completion of the necessary city permits:

The Table of Cuba (permit issued)
– After 7 Flavors (permit issued)
– Music City Brisket (permit pending)
– The Rolling Recipe (permit issued)
– Roscoes Smoked BBQ (pending application)
– Yayos OMG (permit pending)

Persia Flame (permit issued)
– The Snack Bar (pending application)
– Zilla’s Pit BBQ (pending application)

Additional food trucks may be added, also pending the completion of necessary city permits.

As spring break draws near at Volunteer State Community College, getting food trucks onto campus is still a work in progress.

“Nothing has been confirmed at this time. Unfortunately, there have been some kind of delays in the process getting paperwork in from the food trucks and a lot of it is on the city side and getting permits processed to allow them to even to set up on campus. I don’t have anything solid at this date because of those delays,” said Wade Swearingen, a grant accounting consultant at Vol State.

Those delays have been going on since the beginning of the spring semester, making getting food an inconvenience for students and faculty.

“I would like food trucks on campus since there are restaurants that aren’t very close here and that would be beneficial in just being able to walk around on campus to wherever they are,” said Clayton Wells, a student at Vol State.

Andrew Baird, the owner of Bettafish Media Group and Looking 4 Eats said that Vol State reached out to him for a list of food trucks and he, “gladly provided a list of three dozen food trucks.”

Debera Bennett, the president of the Student Government Association (SGA), said that SGA was originally “intended to take on this task but Vol State let us know it was a lot bigger than we students realized due to contracts and more.”

“I do not have an answer to when at this time,” said Bennett about when food trucks would be on campus.

Another step in getting food trucks onto campus is figuring out a reasonable spot to put the trucks.

 “We are looking at the library parking lot. I don’t know the exact location in there, I know that campus police has a lot of details figured out,” said Swearingen.

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