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Volunteer State Community College Weather Policy

By: Nicholass Plucker

The transition from public high school to community college has a few differences between them for students. One difference being how Volunteer State Community College handles weather policy and closing guidelines for classes.  

This policy only applies to the Gallatin campus. A delay in class due to weather means that classes will start and continue from that hour. So, if a delayed opening is at 9:30am that means only classes that would be meeting at 9:30am or later will be meeting. Classes before that time are canceled, Students should also check the eLearn page for Labs as they are handled differently for a delay.  

Students will automatically receive text alerts with closing or delay info if they have their current cell phone listed in My Vol State. To emphasize it must be the students’ current phone number and not an old one hooked up. The and Vol State – Home | Facebook page will also always be updated on the front page if there is a delay or cancellation too.  

In terms of what determines official delays or cancellations of classes is up to Vol State President, Orinthia Montague and campus police. Eric Melcher said, “They are always keeping an eye on the roads to see if they are icy and the weather conditions going on that day.”  

Students can also find out if their classes are delayed through text, eLearn, Vol State page Vol State Facebook and TV stations. 

“A lot of students that come here came from a public high school. Since Vol State closings are not based on public school closings because they do not have to consider bus transportation. If the roads are dangerous in your area, then you have the right to attend class or not if you inform your instructor beforehand” says Eric Melcher, Coordinator of Public Relations and Marketing. 

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