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Volunteer State Community College Work-Based Learning program helping students find opportunity.

Last updated on February 23, 2022

By Trent Lieffring

The Volunteer State Community College Work-Based Learning program is helping students find opportunity through connecting them with employers in need of workers. 

Businesses in the Gallatin area have partnered with Vol State to provide students with a learning environment in which they can grow in their field of study. 

Students will have the chance to work with businesses offering internships in their field of study for college credit and, in some instances, payment for their internship services.

“We want to have that connection to work with college students on the internship side and mentor perhaps future employees,” said Michelle Gunn, Office Manager of Maxwell Septic Pumping in Gallatin, which is one of the more than 100 employers for students in the work-based program.

Aside from getting college credit, students will be gaining “real-world experience integrating classroom knowledge and theory with practical application,” according to the Vol State Work-Based Learning flyer.

“All courses offer college credit while you’re doing work in the real world,” Said Rick Parrent, Administrator of Work-Based Learning.

Parrent also said students that should be looking into this program should be:

  • Students that are at least 50 percent through their degree
  • Students that have at least a 2.5 GPA
  • Interested in developing personal skills
  • Want more out of the college experience
  • Career focused
  • Trainable
  • Self-driven

According to the Work-Based Learning page on Vol State’s website, benefits of the work-based program for students includes:

  • Gaining experience that will make it easier for you to find employment when you graduate.
  • Explore a potential career without investing lots of time and money
  • Earn college credits and money
  • Draw connections and analyze relationships between your job and what you are learning in school.

For further information on the Work-Based Learning program, contact Dr. Rick Parrent through the employee directory on the Vol State website.

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