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Volunteer State ranked number one for online computer information technology education.

By Nichollas Plucker

Volunteer State Community College was ranked number one in the nation for best online information technology associate degree in 2022. According to ZD Net, out of 20 colleges and universities in the nation, Vol State managed to claim the number one spot.

According to ZD Net, “An associate degree in information technology is ideal for individuals interested in entering the workforce or transferring to a four-year program.”

Vol State’s computer information technology degree offers three concentrations such as cyber defense, networking, and programming. Each program includes five core computer courses and eleven concentration-specific classes. All Vol State CIT (Computer Information Technology) and Computer Science courses are available online.

This provides students with flexibility when scheduling classes. Some classes also offer students the ability to earn industry certifications, which are important to employers. Vol State also offers CIT classes in-person at Vol State campuses in Gallatin, Springfield, and Livingston.

“I think we’re recognized in the ZD Net ranking because of those same skill sets and how they directly aligned to what’s required in the job force because our students want to come in and get the skills sets that are needed for those entry to mid-level jobs and that’s what we offer here. So they’re not just getting college courses, they’re getting college courses and industry standard certifications that go along with what’s required in the job, because that’s what jobs want now. As they not only want an education, but they also want Industry related credentials.” said Johnny Maynard, Division of Business and Technology.

“Our programs prepare students for great jobs with good pay,” said Business and Technology Dean, Andy White, “Our faculty take great pride in teach them well in every format, on our campuses around the region and online. That way, students with work or family responsibilities can still work their way into this exciting field.”

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