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Volunteer State Shows off Artistic Abilities with Faculty Art Exhibit

By Everett Scott

Featured on the first floor of the Humanities Building, the Art Gallery is opening the academic year by displaying works of art featuring faculty members Abby Felber, Nate Smyth, Patrick Green, and Rob Matthews.  

Organized by Jason Lascu, the exhibition and its associated artwork is centered around the topic of existential questions regarding the human condition. Each artist’s work is meant to display their own interpretation of loss, frustration, and other like concepts. 

The exhibit itself has been running since Aug. 24 and is planned to extend through to Oct. 21. You can visit it yourself Mon.-Thurs. from 8am-6pm, Fri. between 8am-4:30pm and Sat. between 10am- 4:30pm 

For more information regarding the event, click here for the event details. 

Nate Smyth, one of the faculty members, said the prompt was open ended and had few restrictions. 

“It’s more for the students,” Smyth said. “[The artwork] is an excuse to tell a story.” 

Smyth said he had created his artwork before he participated in the exhibition. He also said he had chosen that work as he felt it was the most appropriate for the prompt. 

“Different things are going to speak to different people,” Smyth said. 

The medium of each artwork varies, including digital art, ceramic, and pencil sketches. Each artist chose a different medium for their work. 

Smyth also said that this exhibition was one of many. The art gallery has hosted many previous shows including the Lain York and Caroline Allison Exhibition that aired from Feb. 28 through April 1, 2022. There are upcoming shows including the Gallatin Arts Council, which will air on Nov. 4 and run through Dec. 19, 2022. 

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