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Volunteer State Students and Staff Share Their Summer Experiences

Last updated on September 1, 2022

By Savannah Brewer

The Fall semester is under way at Volunteer State Community College and with such a diverse student body and staff, The Settler wanted to know how Vol State students and administrators spent their Summer break.

Harrison Conder, 19, from Boca Raton, FL, is a Communications major. He is a sophomore and plans on transferring to either MTSU or Austin Peay to pursue his bachelor’s degree. Vol State offers multiple study abroad programs, and Harrison had the privilege to attend one of these over the break.

“On my summer break, I went on a study abroad program through Vol State to Spain. This was a three week program where I was able to learn Spanish, receive a credit, and experience what it is like living in Spain,” he said. “I worked, traveled to Oregon and Florida to visit family, and hung out with friends.” 

Lara Abdelrazeq, 25, from Cairo, Egypt is a Criminal Justice major. She has attended Vol State for three semesters. Over the summer break, Lara attended summer classes to receive college credits that will further her Criminal Justice degree. “When I was not taking classes, I spent time outside enjoying nature at my favorite park or at the gym,” Lara said.

Alexis O’Malley, Gallatin, is an admissions advisor/recruiter on the Vol State Gallatin campus. She graduated from Tennessee Tech University with a bachelor’s in Communication in 2020. Alexis began working at Volunteer State as an advisor in February of 2022 and enjoys her time spent on campus.

“I worked, bought a house, and went to a few concerts,” said O’Malley, when asked about her summer.

Felix Quiros, 18, from Gallatin, is a Special Education major. This is Felix’s first semester of college, and she is excited to pursue her degree and further her education.

“Over the summer, I worked and also hung out with my friends,” she said.

From travelling abroad to purchasing a home, students and administrators at Vol State enjoyed a plethora of events and activities that is rivaled only by the variety found in the people who make up campus.

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