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VSCC Closed due to Severe Winter Storms

Photo Provided by WTVF

By Evie Shaye Herndon

Volunteer State Community College announced on Monday-Tuesday that they have closed all campuses for the week of Feb. 15-19, due to severe winter storms that hit Tennessee.

According to a mass message sent out via text from Vol State, “All campuses are now closed from Feb. 17-19. Online and virtual classes will continue as scheduled.” 

“Students who have a class on a campus should check their student email for notes from their instructor. We think most instructors will continue with class work, despite campus locations being closed,” said Coordinator of Marketing and Public Relations, Eric Melcher.

“President Faulkner made the decision to close campuses. He makes those decisions under advisement from the Campus Police and Plant Operations administrators. He evaluates not only road conditions getting to the campuses, but also the condition of sidewalks and parking lots on the campuses themselves,” Melcher said.

However, it was not just Vol State that closed its campuses as it has been reported that “dozens of Middle Tennessee schools will be closed, including Metro Nashville Public Schools,” according to a Tennessean article on Feb. 18.

“People are being asked to avoid all non-essential travel. The warning comes on the heels of a winter storm that blew through the region Monday, pelting everything in its path with freezing rain, sleet and ice,” according to the article.

According to an article in USA Today on Feb. 17, This storm is quite severe and “a real mess”.

“Winter’s brutal assault continued Wednesday night as another snowstorm roared its way across the nation through the end of the week, hitting areas where millions were already without electricity in record-breaking cold,” according to the article.

In fact, “More than 30 people have died because of the intense cold,” it reported.

These deaths are mostly in areas where people have lost power such as Texas where “more than 1.6 million homes and businesses” have lost electricity and “some have also lost water service,” according to the article.

However, according to the article, TEMA is reporting that Tennessee is experiencing some power shortage as well as “12,000 people across Tennessee are without power due to the ongoing winter storms.”

TEMA also reported four winter-related deaths from the storm in Tennessee.

The seriousness of the storm in the south has even been noted by President Joe Biden.

According to The Associated Press, Biden offered federal assistance to the states dealing with the winter weather, which includes Tennessee.

The storms are reported to continue throughout tonight and tomorrow and the snow “will likely not melt until Saturday,” the article reported.

Vol State understands the seriousness of the storm and will cater to student needs, according to Melcher.

“If a student does have a problem with a power outage, they should contact their instructors as soon as they are able to do so to find out what they need to do to get caught up,” said Melcher.

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