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VSCC Expands OSHA Training to Europe

By Carolina Cardona

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Volunteer State Community College is expanding OSHA Training due to COVID-19 and taking it internationally to reach Europe.

According to the Vol State News page, “Virtual learning has expanded in many ways during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

This expansion includes Vol State Osha training and “the expansion to a Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) method” which “is a big change for OTIEC” because “it is normally held in a classroom,” according to the news page.

 “Social distancing, travel restrictions, and budget restraints are just a few of the challenges facing both employers and training providers with COVID-19,” said vice president for Economic and Community Development, Nick Bishop.

“We were forced to find new ways to deliver OSHA and workforce development trainings,” he said.

According to Coordinator of Marketing and Public relations, Eric Melcher, “OSHA has held off until now because they want direct interaction between instructors and students. That’s why we teach those classes in what they call Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT). It’s similar to Vol State synchronous Zoom classes.”

 “Workforce Development often works with businesses to custom design training programs, including online learning. COVID-19 has certainly highlighted the need for online learning,” Melcher said.

According to a Newsbreak article the “staff members at Volunteer State Community College are taking virtual teaching techniques and applying them to a new audience, one that is well outside the usual focus of Middle Tennessee.”

This “program is taking that education global as part of a U.S. Army Europe training initiative. Participants will come from countries across Europe,” according to the article.

According to the OSHA website, now the students can take the 30-hour and 10-hour trainings for General Industry and Construction training, “where and when they can — All they need is internet access.”

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