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VSCC offering free group counseling

By Evie Herndon

Volunteer State Community College is offering two different virtual group counseling sessions. One will meet every Tuesday starting Sept. 29, and the other will meet every Wednesday starting Sept. 30, for six weeks from 12:30 p.m.- 2:30 p.m.

The groups will meet fully online and will be led by Christian Cid of Serenity Counseling Center. Cid will be using a teletherapy platform to host the group which will allow the groups to be led in a confidential manner.

These sessions are meant to help individuals better relate to others and better their own personal development, said Tiffany Zwart of Vol State Student Engagement.

“They will help develop social skills such as emotional and self-awareness, setting boundaries, seeking connection and how to express anger and frustration. These groups will start out discussing stress, depression and pandemic related struggles. The counselor will facilitate the conversation so it is done in a safe environment and so they can share their insight into the behaviors within the group,” said Zwart.

Vol State has made counseling an option for any currently enrolled student. They have made it a priority to offer counseling, so students have a safe outlet to focus on their mental health while in school, especially during a global pandemic.

“Attending college is a huge adjustment. Attending college during a pandemic is a whole different struggle. We have recognized that our students are stressed out, withdrawn, overwhelmed, and frustrated. Group counseling can help to normalize feelings and experiences while helping us learn how to work through them,” said Zwart.

These sessions will also be open to discussions about family struggles and personal relationships. All of which will help them grow their communication and relationship skills by understanding the people and events that have shaped their psyche, Zwart said.

Student’s interest in being a part of the group counseling should email Student Engagement and it will respond with an invitation application to attend.

“This is a great opportunity for our students. It is high-quality counseling free of charge to them. Most of our students feel lonely and as though their struggles are specific to them. And while their experiences and feelings are valid, they are really not alone. This experience will give students the opportunity to gain connection while also learning so much about themselves and others,” said Zwart.

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