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Phlebotomy Course Now at VSCC

Last updated on April 19, 2021

Photo Provided by Vol State

By Madison West

Volunteer State Community College will be offering a non-credited phlebotomy course scheduled to begin in March and end in June of 2021.

According to The Institute of Medical and Business Careers website, “a phlebotomist is someone who draws blood from a patient, for a variety of procedures including tests, transfusions, research, medical procedures or donation.”

“The phlebotomist is an important member of the health care team,” said Director of the Health Sciences Center of Emphasis, Teri Crutcher. “The blood tests they conduct aid the physician in making an accurate diagnosis, and appropriate treatment.”

According to the Vol State website, “drawing blood is one of those things that you want done right” and the Vol State course will aim to help students preform phlebotomies “quickly, safely and with minimal discomfort.”

According to a  Phlebotomy Program Information PDF, not only is the course designed to help students learn to draw blood, but it is also designed to help with the NHA (National Health career Association) certification exam.

Students must complete the course with a passing grade and complete the clinical objectives to be eligible for the NHA Phlebotomy Technician Certification Exam, according to the PDF.

According to the Vol State News website, the course will be held on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 9:30 a.m. to noon for 10 weeks, not including clinical rotation.

 The clinical hours are scheduled during the day and are coordinated with the student ahead of time. Students who work during the day will be required to take time off work to complete the clinical rotation, according to the website.  

This course will be taught online, but the labs will be offered at the Gallatin, Springfield and Livingston campuses, according to the website.

The Vol State website also notes that phlebotomy jobs are expected to grow by 25 percent within the next four years. The average annual median salary for phlebotomists in the Middle Tennessee area ranges between $22,000 and $32,000.

According to a Phlebotomy Program flyer, this course will cost $995 with additional fees and requires at least 40 hours of clinical experience in an assigned clinical site.

Students must speak to a staff member from the Center of Emphasis prior to enrolling to ensure that the student is aware of all requirements for this program and students applying to participate in this course are also required to pass a background check and a drug screening, according to the flyer.  

“This course is ideal for students who want to train for a healthcare profession but are unable to complete a more extensive program at this time.  It is also a good fit for students who plan to enter healthcare and want to expand their education later,” said Crutcher.

According to Crutcher, for more information, students can contact her through email or Gina Kammerzell through email.

Students can also attend an informational zoom meeting Wednesday Feb. 24, at 10 a.m. or Friday Feb. 26, at 10 a.m. To sign up for either of these, students can email Kammerzell, said Crutcher.

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