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VSCC student leaders speak on Covid-19 uncertainty during student panel

Two of Vol State’s student leaders spoke on Covid-19 uncertainty during a student panel held July 21 over Zoom. The student panel was part of the VSCC Summer Institute organized by Erin Bloom.

The manager of diversity and inclusion, Jeff King, moderated the panel. Among the student panelists was Victoria Long, the editor-in-chief for TheSettler.Online, and Hevgir Tayip, the president of the Student Government Association. Faculty and staff were also invited to attend the panel.

During the panel, King started a conversation about the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 Delta variant and the recent increase in Covid-19 cases.

“In June, it was like full steam ahead. We were going to be in pretty much full class mode, no restrictions, everybody is going to be vaccinated and everything is going to be sort of close to normal. Well, here we are a month later and we are anything but that. I think the unpredictability and the question marks and unforeseen circumstances that await us are right there facing us, and if it’s facing us we know that it’s facing Victoria and Hevgir,” said King.

“How are you feeling about going into a new semester in contrast to where we were last month at this time?” King asked Long.

“I feel like we are going to go through what the previous spring semester students went through when the lockdown was first announced,” said Long.

King then asked Tayip, “How do you feel about going into this semester and the uncertainties we are looking at?”

“One of the things I just ask is people to have an open mind and, when they come to Vol State, to be careful. I think, unfortunately, not to be blunt but I think a lot of people don’t care. And so that’s led to a lot of problems. I just hope that people have a change of heart and mind. And just listen about it. It’s not over. It’s far from over,” said Tayip.

The following week, President Jerry Faulkner announced a new indoor mask mandate effective Aug. 2. “At this time, we do not anticipate that this will result in rescheduling any classes or other events at the college,” said Faulker.

Students who are interested in participating in future student panel conversations can contact the organizer, Erin Bloom, using her email

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