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Where’s the Beef?

By Thomas Matchell

The cafeteria is a place that many students at Volunteer State Community College go to for a way to access food on campus, instead of having to make a drive to their favorite fast-food restaurant. As of recently, the cafeteria has been left with no food for students while waiting to be renovated.  

“It’s kind of crazy, because a lot of people don’t have food at home, a lot of people ain’t eating right…,” said student athlete, Vaden Mitchell. 

In response to the cafeteria closing in December, 2021, food trucks were used as a means for students to have access to food on campus beginning in the of Spring 2022. So far, there have been no food trucks visiting Vol State.

Since March 2020, the beginning of Covid, many students decided to take online classes. This resulted in a loss of revenue for the cafeteria.

When asked about food trucks on campus this semester, Dr. Orinthia Montague, President of Volunteer State Community College, said, “That depends on which/if any trucks indicate ability to sell food on campus.”

“The college hopes to have a variety of vendors respond to our request for service,” said Montague.   

“It would be nice to have food trucks on campus because then I would not have to leave to get food,” said Bradley Parsons, a student at Vol State.

On Vol State’s website, the Gallatin campus food truck link does not allow access to the page. 

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