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Why football is so much more than a game

Football has always been a big part of my life. I have had the privilege to grow up in the great state of Tennessee since I was born.
I went to my first Volunteer football game at the age of 3 and absolutely fell in love with the team and the sport.
My Great-Grandfather played football for The University of Tennessee under General Robert Neyland. That is something I take pride in. My oldest brother also pursued a degree from UT for which I am also proud.
I plan to carry on this tradition when I transfer from Volunteer State Community College next fall. For many people football is about wining, who can be the best and who can go to the championship.
For myself, what matters is a little bit different. I care about the coaches and the players. I care about the families of players and coaches that lose time with their loved ones.
I care about the fans in those stands on game day. I care about the couple who just brought their daughter or son to their first football game to enjoy the excitement. I am aware that for most people winning is everything. So many other things go into a football program.
While the feeling of winning is something no one can really fully describe, nothing compares to the atmosphere on a Saturday in the south. Being a Vols fan means that you are prepared for anything.
You get up on game day not knowing what will happen, but you are excited to find out.
From years and years of rich tradition that graces these Tennessee hills, to specific game day rituals the Vols have it all. Running through the ‘T’ at the start of the game, Davy Crockett, the cheerleaders and dancers, the Pride of the Southland Marching Band and my personal favorite, Smokey.
These are the things that make game days so special. When you have a family compiled of players and coaches that is able to come together on a field and connect a group of people the way Tennessee does, it’s very special. I am very proud of my football team despite the three losses we have taken so far this year.
As a team they have worked extremely hard to get to the point they are at.
Even though I will always consider myself a ‘Vol for Life’ I know many other fans of various college and professional teams feel the same way.
No matter what your team is or your sport I encourage you to remember to stick with them through the good times as well as the bad.
I am sure nothing helps a team become more encouraged, and a coaching staff become more driven, than to have unconditional support from the fans.
You can expand your love for sports right here at Vol State. Although I am aware Vol State does not have a well known football team, we do have amazing basketball, softball and baseball teams that need our support.
The sky is the limit for the players at Vol State, and just like big name schools, they need our support as well. There are endless opportunities for these young men and women to transfer to great Universities and even to go professional one day.
Who knows, they may be playing for your favorite team in the near future. The Vol State website has a schedule posted for all the games that are to be played this year. You are urged to bring as many family and friends as you wish to fill up the bleachers.
Your support is always appreciated from The Settler staff.

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