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Study Abroad With Volunteer State

Please join Volunteer State Community college for an informational zoom meeting Tues. Sept. 6, from 11:15am-12:15pm, regarding VSCC’s Study Abroad program!

The meeting will be brought to us by speaker Ami Price from the Cookeville campus and will cover the Spring Break study abroad program for 2023. There are many exciting opportunities to travel outside the country and learn in exciting new places through Volunteer State Community College, including countries like India and Cuba.

Students can apply for this program at and learn more about scholarship options for qualifying students. Study abroad programs at Vol State can be one to three weeks long during Spring Break and throughout the Summer. You can learn more about the programs offered at

Study abroad is a culturally enriching program for students that lets them grow in their knowledge of the world, other languages, and societies outside of their own. There are many positive learning opportunities to be had through study abroad including gaining knowledge of different career options, increasing your foreign language skills through immersion, and achieving a new perspective on education through the lens of a different culture.

You can weigh the pros and cons of study abroad programs like the one here at Vol State and find a trip that would be the best fit for you at This website provides many helpful links and videos about what to expect in different programs, how to apply for these programs, and the pros and cons of traveling somewhere new. You can make an informed decision about where you might want to travel to, and which program will be the most enriching experience for your academic career.

Please join us for this upcoming zoom meeting and be the first to hear about the next location in our Spring break study abroad program. Build new connections and widen your knowledge of cultures around the world with like-minded individuals at Volunteer State Community College.

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