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Dr. Rothman’s visit to Volunteer State a huge success.

By Julio Gautreaux

On March 23, Joshua Rothman, a history professor at the University of Alabama, gave a presentation on his book named The Ledger and the Chain at the Volunteer State Community College campus in Gallatin.

According to Catherine Berresheim, part of the English Faculty at Vol State, the presentation was a huge success for the school and the people who attended.

“This Turn out is one of the most successful ones we have ever had for a guest speaker,” said Berresheim.

According to Berresheim, upon Dr. Rothman arrival the school’s bookstore sold 14 copies of the book, The ledger and the Chain before the presentation and also signed copies for those who already purchased them. The presentation had an in- person audience that totaled 100 consisting of students, faculty, and many community members, and an online zoom audience of nearly 50.

Dr. Rothman was later treated to lunch with key invited guests, at the Fairview Plantation including Dr. Erin Mann who is the Dean of Humanities at Vol State.

“I can say that I thought the turnout was excellent, and I very much appreciate all the work so many people at VSCC did to make sure everything went smoothly,” said Rothman, “I would also observe that I know hearing and talking about history like that of the slave trade can be difficult and sometimes painful, so I hope that everyone who attended felt that the lecture and the conversation that followed was worth their time.”

Rothman has also written other books on this topic like “Notorious in the neighborhood,” “Flush Times and the Fever Dreams,” and “Reforming America 1815-1860.” Rothman has also written article for Smithsonian Magazine, The New Yorker, and The Washington Post.

“Other scholars have produced accounts of the domestic slave trade; Mr. Rothman writes about slave traders, and puts an indelible face on their inhumanity,” said the Wall Street Journal.

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