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Feed a Friend and Fuel Your Mind Speaker Series

By: Madelyne VanHemert

The Feed a Friend and Fuel Your Mind event will be taking place Monday, Sept. 18, 1-2 p.m. inside the Thigpen library. 

Every year the social science department has a lecture series outside of class time that is in partnership with The Feed. Students can enrich their minds while also donating food to help those with food insecurities. 

There will be 3 Feed a Friend and Fuel Your Mind events this semester: Sept. 18, Oct. 11, and Nov. 9. 

The first lecture taking place on Sept. 18, will be presented by Dr. Merritt, a political historian at Vanderbilt University. Merritt, “researches the ethics of democracy, the interface of demagogues and democracy, and the founding principles of the United States.”

This discussion will be on Alexander Hamilton’s theory of democratic collapse. It is a discussion, so questions can be asked!

Social Science and Education Dean, Rhonda Gregory, described the importance of this event. “The Constitution of the United States not only outlines the framework of our government, but it also protects our individual rights and freedoms as American citizens. This event is important because it can help us better understand the Constitution and learn to protect our constitutional liberties from tyranny.”

Suggested donations are as listed:

  • cereal
  • crackers
  • Poptarts
  • granola bars

If students are in need of service hours, come join the event, and you can talk to either Rhonda Gregory or Tabitha Cheryl who will tell you how you can volunteer with The Feed.

Students can also attend via zoom.

Snacks and juice boxes will be provided. If you do not have food to donate, no worries, come and enjoy the lecture!

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