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Food Returns to Vol State Cafeteria

Last updated on February 7, 2024

By Abigail Vaughn

Volunteer State Community College has not had food in the cafeteria for students since 2020, but thanks to Carolyn Reed this will not be the case for much longer. 

“If all goes as planned and things keep moving as they are moving it will definitely be opened on the 12th,” said Emma Waugh, Reed’s assistant. 

Reed owns a food catering company, C and G Fine Foods, and has been in the food industry for 35 years.  

She had planned on opening the cafeteria on Jan. 17, but because of design issues this was pushed to Feb. 5, and again she was forced to push the opening date further.  

There will be both vegan and vegetarian options available, including a salad bar.  

Breakfast food will be offered as well as lunch.  

“I hope the food will be the same as last time where they had different menus throughout the week,” said Maia Dennis, a student at Vol State. 

They plan on offering pizza, hotdogs, and sandwiches that will be quick for the students to grab if they are in a rush. There will also be things like chicken tenders, fries, and meat with sides, if students have time to wait. Soup and Chili will also be available. 

For drinks, they will have a soda machine and coffee available.  

Some of the food will be the same every day, but the hot meal will be different daily.  

“The cost is going to be depending on the food cost,” said Waugh.

The cafeteria does plan on making the costs as affordable to college students as it can.  

“We want the students and staff to know we are a full-service catering company. We offer event decorating, photography, and catering,” said Waugh. 

 If you would like to get in contact with them you can go to their website or find them on Facebook at C and G’s Fine Foods

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