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Food Trucks Return to Volunteer State-Gallatin Campus

By: Thomas Matchell

Food trucks are finally back on campus! Volunteer State Community College has brought back food trucks, which are now located in front of the Ramer Administration Building. Students can now use these trucks for another way to access food on the Gallatin campus. 

As of Oct. 2022, there are bookings for the next 9 Wednesdays for food trucks all the way to Jan. These food trucks are scheduled from 10am–1pm: 

Nov 02- Creole Roll 

Nov 09- Smashin’ Crab Hendersonville 

Nov 16- Taste Of Aloha Food Truck 

Nov 30- Calidogs 

Dec 07- The Inka trailer 


Jan 04- Beyond Grav 

Jan 11- Taste Of Aloha Food Truck 

Jan 18- The Rolling Recipe 

“I’m not sure at this point,” if there is a possibility food trucks being available on campus every day, said Heather Harper, Manager of Student Engagement and Support, “I think it would be value added for all of our campuses and surrounding community members.” 

“The food trucks are being promoted through Street Food Finder.  The idea/concept with SFF is for folks to ‘subscribe to receive updates’ about food trucks and the more folks who are interested in food trucks via subscriptions—-the more food trucks will likely be inclined to come this way.  We are competing with Nashville (densely populated with a plethora of areas to sell food) to have these food trucks come this way,” said Harper. 

“Working through the Street Food Finder, we do not have direct communication with the vendors. We are given an amount based upon the food truck that they must meet in order to all this to be a viable location,” said Harper.  

“Most students who attend vol state community college would most likely say the prices are too high. If you’re someone who doesn’t have a job, but you’re still finding a way to pay for school, pay bills, etc, then it would be hard to be able to pay for the food trucks when the prices are at a unreasonable price,” said student, Jayden Otto. 

For students wanting to know the information of what food trucks will be arriving at the Gallatin campus, Street Food Finder has the schedule for when they arrive and shows the menus for the food trucks.

Dr. Orinthia Montague, President of Volunteer State Community College, “Welcomes feedback,” said Heather Harper. If you would like to offer any feedback regarding the food trucks available or food services offered at Volunteer State Community College, you can reach Dr. Montague via email

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