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Mattox Building Under Construction

By: Madelyne VanHemert

The Mattox Business building at Volunteer State Community College will be undergoing construction, beginning the projected eight-month process on Sept. 22, 2023. 

Mattox, the Business and Technology Division building is labeled as number eight on campus, Located next to the tennis courts and Wallace Health Sciences Complex will be shut down and undergo construction.

Bid day, a term used to describe receiving bids from contractors to determine the lowest responsible bidder took place on Aug. 23 of this year.

The eight-month project’s current budget is $7.6 million. 

The description of this construction is to, “provide furniture for classrooms and ancillary spaces for the Mattox building,” including outdoor seating. 

 For this particular project GHP, Inc. will be providing the design service. 

Kayla Soustek, a sophomore, shared her concerns over construction on campus, “Parking already feels so much busier this year compared to last year, so yeah I’m worried that it will be a little out of hand when construction starts,” Soustek says. “I might have to change parking lots.” 

The completion date and specifications were not available for the project at this time.

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