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New Semester Brings Difficulty Finding Parking Spaces

By: Abigail Vaughn

With the start of a new school year at Volunteer State Community College many students are finding it difficult to locate a parking spot. 

Lisa Morris, senior administrative assistant of campus police, stated that there are 2,499 parking spots in total on campus. Out of that, 58 are reserved for handicapped, 420 are reserved for teachers and staff, and 2 are reserved for electric car charging. This leaves 2,019 for students.  

During the 2020-2021 school year, there were 8,832 students at Volunteer State Community College. Out of that, 4,296 were full-time students.  

Full-time in-person students attend campus at least 4 times a week.  

Not being able to determine how many students come to campus in person instead of attending online. There is double the amount of students as parking spots available.  

More recently claimed that the total number of incoming Fall 2023 students is 2,565. Leaving still more students than parking spots.  

“Honestly the first couple of weeks were really hard to find a spot, sometimes I had to park by the library or park on the curb,”  said Arkesha Bright, a sophomore at Volunteer State Community College. 

Arkesha used to arrive on campus at 9:25 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays but by that time the parking lot was almost full, “there was a bunch of cars just riding around trying to find spots and that was very frustrating so I started coming earlier.”  

It takes Arkesha an average of five minutes of driving back and forth to find a spot. It then takes her five to 10 minutes to get to class depending on where the class is and where she had to park.  

“It’s definitely a problem but I think it’s kinda get a little better because some people have started dropping out or not coming to class as much,” Arkesha said. 

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