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Priority registration at Volunteer State

By Madison West

Priority Registration, which is pre-registration for currently enrolled students at Volunteer State Community College, begins this week.

“Currently enrolled students are encouraged to register during this priority time in hopes to secure the schedule of their choice,” said Meredith Young, Advisor in the Health Sciences Division at Vol State.

 Nov. 3 sophomores, or currently enrolled students who have completed 30 credit hours, are allowed to begin registration. The next day, Nov.2, any currently-enrolled student with less than 30 hours completed may begin registration.

“Early registration allows both the student and the college to make plans for the best possible semester.  Even during the pandemic students have the option to not only select their instructor but for many classes, students also have a choice in the modality,” said Sheri Waltz, who, on top of acting as interim Assistant Dean of Humanities, is also Chair of the Communication Studies department, as well as Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Vol State.

Transfer students, students who have been readmitted, and newly enrolled students may begin their registration on Nov. 16.

“Currently enrolled students should reach out to their assigned advisor to discuss recommended courses for this upcoming registration period,” says Young.

Young also explained how to go about locating your advisor.

“Students can find their assigned advisor listed in degree works or can directly contact the Office of Advising at (615)-230-3702 for further assistance in locating their assigned advisor,” says Young.

“Another benefit for registering early is to ensure the student is progressing toward completion,” Waltz continues,  “Students and faculty both want our students to graduate in a timely manner – and registering early to enroll in the correct classes is a major component of graduating,”.

Though Priority Registration begins on Nov.2, it is important for students to understand that registration will continue until classes begin again in Jan. of 2021, so if you missed out there is still time.

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