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SCOTUS Ruling Sparks Debate Among Vol State Students

Last updated on September 1, 2022

By Delaney Holman

Roe V. Wade, the landmark decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) in 1973, almost 50 years ago, pronounced that the US Constitution ensured and protected a woman’s right to abortion through a constitutional right to privacy. 

This case is still widely debated to this day, but that debate came to a tipping point on May 2 when a draft opinion was leaked to the public signifying that SCOTUS was posed to overturn Roe V. Wade in its ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson.  

On June 24, a ruling was final, and the US Constitution no longer protected the right to abortion, turning the decision over to a federal level, according to the Supreme Court. The decision on abortion access and laws is now up to the state’s disgression. 

Tennessee abortion laws are changing, and access to abortions is now being further constrained, as Tennessee’s trigger ban as of Aug. 25, will prohibit all abortions with an exception in cases of a mother’s life being in danger.  

People around the country are now facing new and differing laws from state to state. In Tennessee, some students feel strongly about how these rulings may affect other students. 

“People, especially college age, care more” (about the overturning of Roe V. Wade). Mass elaborates further on who these rulings impact by adding, “This effects everybody, or every person that has a uterus,” said Gracie Mass, a Freshman at Vol State.

“Especially at our age at college, 18 and 19 they are in a difficult spot,” said Sophomore Joel Youngers.f

He added that despite his opinion on the SCOTUS ruling he shares his sympathy toward students put into a demanding situation due to the codification of Roe V. Wade, and how age truly can affect the severity of the implications some people will face in result to Tennessee’s abortion restrictions.  

“Having to support a life but not being able to take care of it, in a student’s position, that’s difficult,” said Sophomore Raghan Bradley. 

Students across the state are feeling the effects and becoming increasingly aware of the implications of the codification of Roe V. Wade.

“The state should be obligated to help because of the increase in kids,” said Youngers.

Students across the country will be affected by these rulings, especially as Tennessee continues to change laws, especially amid current and upcoming elections.  

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