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Softball Coach John Lynn Prepares Freshmen Players for Collegiate Speed

By: Thomas Matchell

It is the beginning of the fall season for softball, and head coach John Lynn is coming off a historical season where he notched 1000 career wins. Last spring season, the Pioneers finished with a record of 48-9 (including playoffs). The team has started their fall season with games against Trevecca, Cumberland JV, and MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University.)  

Here is what coach Lynn has to say about the fall season and his players,  

“The main thing is the freshmen got to relax, they have to take in a lot of stuff and must learn how to relax, and just do what they have done their whole life; we have made great defensive plays, but we had some innings where we did not. Our hitting, we made some big hits, but overall, they got to get better…” said head coach John Lynn. 

“They gotta see what we gotta get to, then go in the weight room, we get conditioning, that is where they gotta get better because as a team we must keep getting better because other teams are getting better, you gotta stay up on them and push yourself and push your teammates and understand the strength and speed of this game is totally different” says coach Lynn. 

“The speed of the game, they gotta understand that you got to play at a high rate of speed and that everything matters that you do, they are not used to everything you do out there matters and that is the main thing… they gotta learn how to do it. That is why we play such good teams in the fall because they can put us in situations and hopefully our freshmen can understand that we go out to practice to see what it is about” says coach Lynn. 

The following games are what is left of the fall softball season

October 11 Cumberland University Lebanon, Tennessee 2:00 (10 innings)  

October 15 Trevecca Gallatin, Tennessee 1:00 (DH)  

October 19 Lipscomb University Nashville, Tennessee 6:00 (8 innings)  

October 21 TSU (Tennessee State University) Nashville, Tennessee 3:00 (10 innings) 

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