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Stay Fit with Volunteer State’s Fit Club

By Andrew Goldberg

Trying to stay active and fit, but worried about not having time to go to both the gym and school? With Vol State’s very own Fit Club, that shouldn’t be a worry anymore. The club is designed for students to find ways to be more physically active and help them connect with others through shared interests without having to leave campus.

With a few virtual meetings via zoom throughout the semester, Fit Club will be there to provide information on physical wellness and tips on how to be more physically active on campus. During meetings, students will also have the chance to find others with common fitness goals and help provide accountability, if wanted.

Fit Club also provides students with the resources necessary to achieve their fitness goals. One of many resources available to students is the Fitness Center. Located in room 105 of Wesley Pickel Field House, the Fitness Center offers treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers, and weights. In addition, stations for biceps, abdominal crunches, seated leg curls, leg extensions, biangular shoulder presses, seated leg presses, and triceps extensions are there for students to use. Another resource available to students is the Fitness Trail. To learn more about the Fitness Center and the Fitness Trail, students can visit the Recreation & Fitness page on The Vol State website.

“A healthy lifestyle can help prevent cardiovascular disease, which is the number one cause of death in the world,” said Justin McKinney, Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education. According to Center for Disease Control, other benefits of a healthy lifestyle include:

· Improved brain function.

· Weight management.

· Stronger bones and muscles.

· Improved ability to do everyday activities.

If you are a student looking to be more physically active and healthy here on campus, this is the club for you. To sign up, or for any questions regarding how the club can help you achieve your fitness goals, contact either:

Justin Mckinney, Professor of Health and Physical Education:

Jeannie Baker, President of Fit Club:

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