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Student activities for fall break, Oct. 11 and 12

By Bailey Guy

Volunteer State Community College classes will not take place Monday, Oct. 11 and Tuesday, Oct. 12 because of fall break. Some students may be using this time to travel, be a local tourist, go on college visits, or just have a staycation at home.

“I’m going on a campus tour at Lipscomb which is exciting. Then I’ll probably relax and catch up on sleep and maybe hang outside in my ENO,” said Vol State student Grace Glover.

Students can also use this time to learn about history in Nashville. The Parthenon offers tours for $10.00 on weekdays from 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

“Since the 1930s, the Parthenon has continued to host changing art exhibitions in its galleries and to educate both Nashvillians and visitors about the legacy of the ancient Greeks and their impact on American civilization,” according to the Parthenon website. 

Fall break is also an opportunity to check out the new movie releases at NCG Cinema. The Halloween-themed movies include “The Addams Family 2” and “Candyman.”

Due to the pandemic, fall break plans may be right on students’ laptops. Travel + Leisure recommends taking a virtual tour of places to visit in person using the internet.

According to Travel + Leisure, students can “explore museums, national parks, European castles, or bucket-list attractions like Machu Picchu without getting off [their] couch. [They] can even experience destinations like Tel Aviv and New York City, or go on a stunning train ride, all from home.” 

For some, Fall break may be a time to relax with family. Having a game night, hosting a bonfire and hiking are family-friendly options.

Happy fall break from The Settler!

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