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The Communications Showcase at Volunteer State

By Heaven Osborne

There will be a Communications Showcase Oct. 26 on the second floor of the SRB building in the main hallway on the Gallatin Volunteer State campus. There will be students and faculty present at the Communications Showcase to give students information about different communications classes offered through Vol State. There will be tours of the radio station on campus and of the sound studios on the first floor of the SRB building.

The faculty member present in the main hallway will be helping interested students record radio announcements that will later be played on Vol State’s radio station. Students will be given the time and date that their radio announcement will be aired so that they can listen in and hear their recording.

The Showcase will be an opportunity for students to learn more about how a communications class could be helpful in the student’s individual major.

“A communications course can be helpful to any major a person chooses and Vol State faculty wants students to be aware of which class to take to support their chosen major,” said Professor Sherri Waltz.

Communications are a “fundamental part of life,” said Professor Waltz, “It doesn’t matter what job you take, you will have to communicate with others.”

Some communications courses offered to VolState students include classes that will assist majors such as Entertainment Media Production and Professional Music. According to Volunteer State’s website, courses such as COMM 270 Audio for Media and COMM 299P Capstone Experience are available to majors in Professional Music. For majors in Entertainment Media Production, COMM 250 Social Media for Entertainment is available.

Professors want students to look beyond General Education communications courses such as COMM 2045 Public Speaking and think about what communication skills they could use in their careers, said Professor Waltz.

Harrison Conder is a Communications major at VolState who is interested in attending the Communications Showcase and participating in a tour of the radio station.

Conder is a singer and has found that Communications classes he has taken at VolState have helped him in his performances and with his stage fright.

Conder believes Communications classes can be helpful to students of all majors.

“Interpersonal communications and growth are how we become an adult and advance in our careers,” said Harrison Conder.

The Communications Showcase will be on Oct. 26 from 11am- 1pm in the main hallway on the second floor of the SRB building. Stop by to hear from students and faculty about Communications at Vol State.

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