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Vol State conducts student evaluations

Last updated on January 6, 2021

The course evaluation is important and located in the student Elearn. Photo provided by Evie Shaye Herndon.

By Evie Shaye Herndon

Volunteer State Community College asked all Vol State students to complete a virtual evaluation form to provide feedback for each semester at the end of the semester.

This semester the school conducted online evaluations to help improve the school’s online classes. This is not new to the school, as evaluations are a part of the school process each semester, said Dr. Jennifer Brezina, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

This is a regular process at Vol State (and most other colleges) to gather feedback from students about their perceptions of classes,” Brezina said.

According to the email, the school asked that students, “help improve the quality of their courses by providing their honest and specific feedback via the course evaluation process. Completing the online evaluation only took a minimal amount of students time (approximately 5-10 minutes),”.

According to the email, “although the evaluation system tracks whether students had completed the evaluation, their specific responses were anonymous and could not be associated with students, unless they chose to identify themselves in their comments,”.

Although it is not required for students to provide an evaluation, Vol State Faculty “highly encourage students to complete the evaluations because they value feedback from students,” said Brezina.

“One important use of the evaluations is that faculty members consider the feedback they receive from their students as they make plans for future semesters. Additionally, the college incorporates the results into faculty evaluations and the faculty promotion and tenure process,” said Brezina.

The evaluations were conducted by IOTA360 on behalf of Vol State. According to the IOTA360 website, IOTA360 is a reporting program that “collects millions of data points, each seemingly tiny on its own. But when all the data is aggregated, sorted, and presented in a useful way, it tells a story. The sum of millions of tiny pieces of data, displayed to you in IOTA360, will give an individual complete visibility and enable them to make informed data-driven decisions.”

According to Brezina, 3686 students responded (39.87%) 10873 evaluations were completed (38.50%.)

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