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Vol State hosts international student discussion and flag commemoration Thursday, Oct. 7

By Bailey Guy

Volunteer State Community College’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion will be hosting the International Students Cultural Connections Club Fall Mixer and Flag Commemoration over Zoom. The event is scheduled Thursday, Oct. 7, from 1 – 2 p.m.

According to the Diversity and Inclusion webpage, “Vol State Community College is proud to be comprised of students, faculty, and staff from all over the world. This diversity enhances our campus and positions VSCC as a leader in creating the kind of campus and surrounding community fully equipped to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.”

The Fall Mixer and Flag Commemoration will be a joint event that features a panel discussion of current international Vol State students. It will also showcase the flags hanging in the Wood Campus Center, which celebrate each country represented at Vol State.

The display will soon be updated, but currently features 29 flags, including Argentina, France, Guatemala, India, Lithuania, Malawi, Sweden, and Zambia to name a few.

Everyone is welcome to attend the virtual event using the Zoom link on the Campus Events page

Jeff King, the manager of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion said the goal of this event is “community.”

“When you feel like you’re a part of something and you feel like you’re included in this community, that’s really what our endgame is. It’s an ongoing process of creating a type of campus where everyone feels included and where you feel just as welcome to come to this office as any student,” King said.

“Diverse college campuses offer more worldviews for students to consider and engage with. College students can learn from peers with different perspectives shaped by a variety of experiences. The interaction between students with different worldviews can help change minds or shape ideas,” according to US News.

“When you hear me talk about diversity, I’m not just talking about black people or Hispanics or international students, I’m talking about everybody. Everybody has a role in diversity, everybody. You have a role in diversity, and you bring something unique to this campus that no one else brings. Everybody has something unique about them, and that difference and uniqueness is what makes this such a great place to be,” said King.

Those with specific questions about the event can contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion using their email.

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