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Happy Birthday: Vol State is turning 50

Photo provided by VSCC website. Graduation is a important day for students and staff.

By Madison West

Volunteer State Community College is celebrating its 50 birthday this year. 

Pending the completion of this fine establishment. Volunteer State Students began to utilize the facilities around them, including several of the Gallatin area churches, to progress education as needed. 

According to the Tennessee Board of Regions, the first groundbreaking began on Nov. 5, 1970. Volunteer State Community College, now known casually as Vol State, had only four buildings. 

According to the Vol State school website, during the production of those first buildings temporary operations were arranged. The college utilized the Cordell Hull Hotel building. By being able to use this building and “the educational facilities of several Gallatin churches” Vol State was able to begin educating. 

In 1972, when the full college institution began, Vol State only had 581 students in attending, according to

Throughout the years’ Volunteer State Community College has expanded not only in technological advancements, but also in fields of study, and of physical campuses. Volunteer State now offers four different campus locations, in Gallatin, Livingston, Cookeville, and Springfield in an effort to help all residents of Tennessee achieve their goals. 

Throughout the last 50 years, Vol State as seen an exponential large volume of growth in students, currently educating approximately 11,384 students on all four campus locations, according to

Students attending Vol State today, even through these changing times, are still adamant about the valuable institution that is Volunteer State Community College. 

“The faculty is always there to help anyone with anything they need, and they have a good attitude about it, even after hours. I’ve personally experienced professors go above and beyond for their students and I believe that this type care is why people come here,” said current Vol State student, Sydney Walker. 

By providing up to date technological advances, implementing professors who’re genuine goal is to help the students in need and for the past fifty years, Volunteer State has been striving to make changes and continuously do better for its students, staff and faculty. With that being said, congratulations on 50 years of education and history in the making! 

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