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Vol State Kicks Off the New Semester with the Spring Campus Kick Off

By: Delaney Holman

Volunteer States spring semester is officially hitting the ground running with the Spring Campus Kick-Off, including lunch, giveaways, build-your-own stuffed animals, and other resources.  

According to the Vol State Campus Events calendar the Kick-Off, which follows last semester’s Fall Campus Kick-Off, will be in the Thigpen Plaza on January 24th and 25th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.  

The two-day event which is designed to “catch both Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday students,” said Tabitha Sherrell, the Coordinator of Student Activities will, “give students the opportunity to see the resources available to them on campus, get free lunch, and enjoy a give-a-way, and sign up for clubs/organizations.” 

In the wake of the brand-new spring semester this event offers “engagement for the students and provides the first opportunity for them to see what they can do on campus,” said Sherrell. 

Getting involved on campus, “is easy and honestly really exciting when there is pizza and prizes, I will definitely be there,” said student Mariah Morris.  

Both days will be catered by Fairview Pizza and will have free giveaways, and information for upcoming events that students can plan to attend as well.  

“This event sets the stage for other events to come through the semester,” said Sherrell. 

These annual events at Vol State are made to “inform the students of the resources available to them,” and “set the stage for other events to come throughout the semester,” said Sherrell. 

Make sure to stop by, interact, get information on clubs like TheSettler, and get your fair share of giveaways and free food at this year’s Spring Campus Kick-off! 

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