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Vol State Math Competition

By: Emmanuel Ayele

The Vol State campus hosted a math competition on Friday, March 1. 

The math competition was in the learning commons at the Thigpen Library from 11 to 1 p.m. during campus hours. 

To be eligible, the competition accepted Vol State students who have not earned a two-year degree or any student in Dual Enrollment or Part-Time student on campus. 

“So, this is Pre-Calculus level math contest. It is covering Algebra, Trigonometry, Logic, Statistics, Probability, and some math tricks and so everything before Calculus. So, most of the students enrolled in math can participate in the contest. Even lower math students if they are doing Algebra,” said Associate Professor of Mathematics Lingli Ni. 

Professor Lingli, the host of the math competition, defined the competition based on the Pre-Calculus level and that lower math students can participate. 

“Well, most of my students are from my classes and I talk about some improvements from previous tests. Every student signed up for a meeting with me, I email them old tests and the answer key so they kind of get prepared. So how do I feel about them? I think in Vol State, we have some very strong math students. We are going to represent Vol State competing with not just the community colleges in Tennessee, but all the other community colleges around the nation,” said Professor Lingli. 

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