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Vol State offers academic strategy sessions to students, Oct. 14 and 27

By Keturah Tobias 

Volunteer State Community College will offer two virtual study skills strategy sessions this month. The sessions will provide academic support to Vol State students. 

The sessions will be hosted by Vol State’s Black Student Association, Learning Commons, Thigpen Library, TRIO Student Support Services Program, and Office of Diversity and Inclusion. 

The first session, “Study Skills Strategy Session: Strategies to Thrive at Vol State” will be Thursday, Oct. 14, from 12:45 – 2 p.m.  This session specifically will help students get rid of unhealthy classroom habits. It will also teach them how to take notes and access resources.  

The second session, “Study Skills Strategy Session: Persistence in College” will be Wednesday, Oct. 27, from 12:45 – 2 p.m. This session will involve college athletics and academic endeavors, such as internships or other professional obligations outside the classroom face many obstacles to completion of their degree. The hosts will teach students how to manage these obligations which are vital for success but also conflict with everyday classroom responsibilities. 

Students can attend these sessions using the Zoom link located on the Campus Event Page

Delouis Reagan assists students with homework assignments and computers in The Learning Commons. She is also a Vol State graduate. “When I first enrolled at Vol State, I had no idea that my study methods were lacking, causing me to spend exponential hours to reach the academic standards I had set for myself,” she said. 

Reagan spoke about how beneficial these workshops will be for students who want to improve their skills for school and further into their careers. “Student Success Workshops would have given me tools to better manage my study time, organize my notes and remove some of the stress in preparing for tests,” said said.

To learn more about the strategy sessions, students may contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion using their email.

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