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Vol State Presents Holocaust Seminar for International Studies Week

By: Keturah Tobias

Volunteer State Community College hosted a Holocaust Seminar through Zoom to educate students about the event as a part of the International Education Event Series. 

The seminar was hosted on Mar. 27, with the purpose of furthering international education for students, faculty, and staff about anti-Semitism in Europe in the 1930/1940s and the Holocaust. 

Melanie Cochran, who is part of Vol States history faculty, attended the seminar. “We all need to know our history and not just the history of the U.S., but the world. We are part of the world and therefore need to understand histories and cultures outside of our own borders,” said Cochran. 

Different topics were discussed including the growth of anti-Semitism in Germany in the 1930s and the amount of support in Germany.  

The presenter, Tom Werner from The Topography of Terror Museum, described how civil rights were taken away from Jewish people and the lack of widespread objections to this among non-Jewish individuals. 

He also discussed that most of the victims of the Holocaust were from countries outside of Germany, such as the Netherlands, France, Poland, and others. 

Cochran states, “The one thing that I found to be the most important is this: not a single Nazi was ever punished for refusing to kill Jews. German men could be punished for refusing to fight in the war, but they were allowed to refuse to kill or torture non-combatants (civilians).” 

Cochran confirms that she will schedule the same event in the fall semester.  

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