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Vol State Student Art Gallery (Opinion)

By Madelyne VanHemert

The Volunteer State Community College Art Gallery is currently open and displaying student artwork.

The gallery can be found on the first floor of the Steinhaur-Rogan-Black (SRB) building. The room is labeled “Art Gallery”.

 It is easily accessible, and the doors are open, making it easy to go in and see what the art students have been working on!

There are 20 pieces of art, created by a number of Vol State’s own art students. 

There are multiple collections that range from 2-D paintings to 3-D artwork that light up. 

One collection made with wool, given the name: Wool on Canvas. One such wool work was dubbed “Bambi”. 

The gallery also displayed patchwork art made with different materials: wood, yarn, cotton, silk, etc. 

One piece made of paper that was cut and layered, creating a beautifully artistic effect. This particular artwork is called “Faith Healer”. 

A light-up sign titled “blind” can be seen in the gallery, and is made of neon glass, wood, and found objects. 

There is a set of two paintings that depict the I-65 using watercolor paint. The top picture is an all pink I-65 and the bottom painting is an all yellow I-65 depiction. 

This duo of artwork is my personal favorite. The two paintings next to each other are a stark contrast and give me a different feeling, despite being set on the same road. 

“I felt as if the pictures were alive and truly jumping out towards me, the mixture of colors from a somber black and white to a rich and colorful rainbow really made the gallery seem alive. It’s truly inspiring and makes me want to try art myself,” said Leonel Pineda, Vol State sophomore.

A lot can be seen at the Vol State Art Gallery and is worth popping over to during a class break.

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