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Vol State Community College Humanities Departments Instagram Takes Life  

Last updated on March 1, 2023

By: B. Mack Evans

Vol State’s Humanities Department’s Instagram created last semester as an honors student project has now been adopted as a permanent addition to the Humanities media outlets. 

The Humanities Department is picking a new Social Media Manager for its Instagram page @volstatehumanities, as Conder is completing an internship at Disney World. 

Harrison Conder is a Vol State student who began the Humanities Instagram page as his honors project for Assistant Dean of the Humanities, Professor Assante’s mass media class last semester. 

This semester Conder is completing an internship at Disney World. In his absence, Assante has kept it up to date with posts regarding department events. 

Several staff have already stepped up to help fill the gap, and are awaiting approval from Dean Erin Mann but, “The more people who are [helping] the more stuff we can get posted; the better job we can do,” said Assante.  

Any student needing an honors or otherwise relevant project who would be interested in helping is encouraged to talk to Assante. 

The Instagram page showcases and celebrates the work of Vol States students in the humanities department, and keeps students informed of special events. 

 Assante shared some of his plans, “we are taking pictures of [the doodle board] every week and posting that… there’s some neat stuff on there, people take time to draw intricate, well-designed stuff so it’s a fun way to show off what our students are doing.” 

“Humanities has a lot of different programs so it’s easier to have it all in one place so students can know what’s going on in each department” Explained Conder, “Staying on top of things was [the most important] personal skill I learned and in terms of communication I learned more about how social media communicating works and how it’s becoming a bigger mode of how we communicate in the digital age.” 

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