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Vol States Pioneer Perk Trial Run

Last updated on March 1, 2023

By: Keturah Tobias

Vol State is opening a trial coffee shop from The Black Press Coffee Company on March 1st in the Thigpen Library. 

If you are a coffee lover, Volunteer States trial run coffee shop, “The Pioneer Perk,” will feature The Black Press Coffee.

Pioneer Perk will be open in the Thigpen Library on March 1, at eight a.m., until supplies last. They will offer hot or iced lattes for $3.60, hot or iced matcha for $3.40, and additional oat milk for an extra 60 cents. The flavors that will be available are vanilla, caramel, lavender, honey & cinnamon, and gingerbread. 

A latte is a coffee beverage that is made with steamed milk and espresso.  

A matcha drink is made of finely ground powder from green tea leaves, and it is traditionally consumed in East Asia.   

According to Heather Harper, the manager of Student Engagement and Support at VSCC, this trial run is a one-time event, and if successful, VSCC will feature the shop and other local coffee shops on campus as well more frequently. 

The Black Press Coffee is a café and coffee shop located in several cities, including Gallatin and their newest store in Hendersonville.  

The company receives its coffee from these countries: Africa, South America, Central America and Asia. They offer a variety of roasts and foods at their locations. 

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