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Vol State’s Student Government Association pushes the presidential election to the spring semester

Last updated on November 20, 2021

By Nathalie Recinos

Volunteer State Community College’s Student Government Association (SGA) announced the positions of president and vice president for the 2022 – 2023 school year won’t be filled until next semester due to a lack of suitable applicants. The new deadline for applications will be in May of 2022. 

SGA President Hevgir Tayip said that there were applications received for both the president and vice president positions. However, SGA “did not receive any viable applications. The president and vice president positions will become interview positions that will start in May of 2022.”

During the SGA meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 16, members were still finalizing details about the SGA election candidates and the outcomes. After discussing what would be best for the student body, the General Assembly agreed with the motion to extend the election process into the spring semester. 

SGA Vice President Debera Bennett said that the spring campaign will be the same as previous years. However, the amount of time to prepare for the campaigns will be different. 

“The person who oversees making sure that all the back-end responsibilities; financial aid/scholarships, paperwork, will be on leave during normal elections. These roles and responsibilities are also not things that students or another faculty or staff member could take over easily,” said Bennett. 

SGA will be having its next meeting Tuesday, Nov. 30 at 11:15 a.m. Students can find the meeting link on the Campus Event page and the passcode in their student email. 

SGA hopes more students will become interested in being involved with SGA. Bennett said that her advice to whoever the next vice president will be, is to be a good listener. 

“As [Vice President] you are expected to do a lot of talking because you will be running the General Assembly meetings. This means it is your job to inform the student body what is going and what is to come,” said Bennett.

Bennett then said that, even though COVID moved the SGA meetings to Zoom, she still had an enjoyable experience. She said she has made new friends and memories while serving. 

“The pride you feel when a campus event happens, and you see your peers enjoying themselves even if they have a stressful midterm coming up is a great feeling! There have been many small changes that SGA has been responsible for over the last few years. It is heartwarming and reassuring to know that when my own kiddos go to [Vol State], we the student government, helped make [Vol State] an even better place for them,” said Bennett. 

Students who want to learn more about the interviews next semester, or have questions or concerns, are encouraged to email Tabitha Sherrell through her email.

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