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Volunteer State Community College looking to add food trucks on campus

Last updated on February 17, 2022

By Trent Lieffring

Since the shutdown of the cafeteria in December, students at Volunteer State Community College have been left without a convenient food supply on campus.

With no source of food readily available on campus, Vol State has been looking to add food trucks as a convenient option for students, but there is still no sign of food trucks on campus.

“We’re still getting that all set up. We don’t have a hard deadline yet. Hopefully soon,” said Wade Swearingen, a grant accounting consultant at Vol State who was given a list of food trucks on Jan. 28.

Swearingen did not disclose more information on a date for food trucks to be on campus.

During the Feb. 2 President’s Cabinet meeting, Beth Carpenter, Vice President for Business and Finance, updated the search for food service vendors, noting that 10 food trucks and a couple of other vendors were interested in providing service.

Students would welcome the idea of food trucks providing service on campus.

“I’m good with food trucks if it means food,” said Luke Salsman, a student at Vol State.

Vol State Student Government Association President Debbie Bennett took to the Vol State Student Discussion Facebook page Feb. 13 and asked students for feedback on what food trucks they would like to come to campus. Among the responses were “lots of salad and fruit options,” “taco truck,” “Chick-fil-a,” “barbecue,” “a good burger truck,” “noodles-Asian and Italian,” and a “coffee truck.”

“We’re looking to have a decent variety,” said Swearingen about the assortment of food trucks that Vol State is looking to provide.

Other students such as Randon Floyd and Salsman suggested “Cookout,” and “burgers and chicken.”

Vol State student, Ryan Cooper, voiced his concern about the pricing of the food trucks. “I think menu pricing is as important as what style/type of food,” he said.

The location of where these food trucks will go on campus has also been a topic of discussion.

“That has been discussed. I don’t think it’s been finalized yet. We’re still trying to iron out a lot of the details. I’ll have to look at my notes to see where we are doing that exactly,” Swearingen said.

No matter where the food trucks will go on campus, students will gladly welcome a convenient and affordable food option.

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