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Volunteer State Math Contests and Pizza Party

By: Heaven Osborne

Nov. 4 and 11 Volunteer State Community College will be participating in the AMATYC (American Mathematical Association of Two-Year colleges) and TMATYC (Tennessee Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges) math competitions. Students currently enrolled in math courses at Vol State are welcome to sign up. Students can sign up for these competitions on eLearn and there will be different levels of competition for the different math course offered in community colleges in Tennessee. Students will receive cash prizes for the top three scores and national and state recognition for the top 10 scores. The TMATYC is a statewide math competition in Tennessee and the AMATYC is a national math competition.  

“TMATYC stands for Tennessee Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges, and AMATYC stands for American Mathematical Association of Two-Year colleges. The TMATYC math competition is for all community college students in Tennessee as long as they have not earned any college degrees, while AMATYC math competition is for all community colleges in America as long as they have not earned any college degrees,” said Dr. Lingli Ni, Associate Professor of Mathematics, in her article Join A Math Competition.

The TMATYC has five levels of competition for students currently enrolled in math courses at a Tennessee community college. The five levels consist of:

  • Survey of Mathematics – for students enrolled in Math 1005, 1010, 1410, 1420
  • Precalculus – for students enrolled in Math 1130, 1630, 1710, 1720, 1730
  • Statistics – for students enrolled in Math 1530
  • Calculus A – for students enrolled in Math 1910 and 1830
  • Calculus B – for students enrolled in Math 1920 and above

The AMATYC is a two round competition centered around calculus, said Dr. Lingli Ni.

“Round 1 is held during the fall semester and round 2 during the spring semester. Students individually take a one hour 20 question multiple choice exam which contains some nonstandard challenging questions. Students get to test their problem-solving skills and see how they compare to others from around the nation,” According to the AMATYC organization webpage.

When students sign up for these competitions on , they will select the math courses they are currently enrolled in and they will be taken directly to which level of competition they should sign up for, said Dr. Lingli Ni.

The top three scorers of the TMATYC competition will receive $75, $50, and $25 cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively while the top ten scorers will receive statewide recognition, and the number one scorer of both rounds of the AMATYC competition will receive $500.00 cash prize, said Dr. Lingli Ni.

Participating in the competitions and the pizza provided are completely free to students. Students are highly encouraged to sign up and show off their math skills in these statewide and national competitions.

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