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Volunteer State softball coach reaches 1000th career win.

By Ryan Hanna

Volunteer State Community College’s women’s softball head coach Johnny Lynn won his 1,000 career game Saturday against Dyersburg State Community College.

“I mean you think about like when you get around that 800-900 [mark] you’re like ‘man that’d be pretty neat’ but the main focus stays on the team, on us getting better, but it is a neat accomplishment,” said Lynn.

Of Lynn’s 1,000 career wins, 984 have come at Vol State. He has been coaching for 29 years and with 18 games remaining on the ’21-’22 spring schedule, there is a chance that he could notch his 1,000th win at Vol State this season.

“I think it’s good for us to help him reach his milestone,” said infielder Gabi Apaig. “[his other goal] is to get to Arizona, so we have to win [the] conference here to get to Arizona.”

When asked about the impact he has had on his players, infielder Vanessa Westfall said, “I say from the beginning of the fall to now, I think we [are] actually putting the pieces together of playing together.”

“Nothing’s handed to you,” Apaig says of what she’s learned from Lynn. “You have to go out and get it. He always tells us that because we’re all walk-ons we have to earn our wins and he’s right.”

But coach Lynn says it’s more about the former players than anything else. “The players displayed here in the 28 years we’ve had softball, that’s what it’s about. The lives that I’ve touched with them and watched them grow and have families now and they come back to the field and watch us play, that’s what’s impressive.”

This season, coach Lynn has led the team to a 28-7 record overall, with 15 wins in conference play. It has five home doubleheaders left in the 2021-2022 spring season.

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