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Volunteer State Students Prepare For Disney Internship

By Delaney Holman

Volunteer State students selected for the Disney College Program are gearing up to leave for Disney World this winter.  

The Walt Disney World Resort welcomes college students from around the country to, “Gain experience working in a front-line role at our parks and resorts, and have the opportunity to participate in uniquely Disney experiences and activities created just for Disney Programs participants,” according to Disney Careers. 

Both Madison Michaelson and Harrison Conder, students at Vol State, are preparing to begin their Disney College Program.  

This paid internship inspired Conder to apply because, “I wanted an internship for my resume and to get real world experience,” shared Conder.

“I am a communications major, so I am hoping to improve my communication skills while I work there so I can use them in my future career,” said Michaelson.  

“You also can earn college credit and this program is a powerful addition to your resume,” said Conder. 

Disney commits that during this program, “While you work in your role, you will build transferable skills such as problem solving, teamwork, guest service, and effective communication.” This is true in Michaelson’s case, “I want to be a travel agent eventually, or a manager/director of any kind”, she shared, “I’ll be able to take special classes and meet with Disney higher-ups while in Orlando, so I’m hoping to take those opportunities and use them to further my knowledge.” 

Both Conder and Michaelson are going to further taking classes while in this program, “I’m nervous about how well balancing school and work will go, but I’m excited to push myself,” shared Michaelson.  

Students will “Live and work with people from all over the world,” according to the Disney careers website. This is especially important to Michaelson, “I’ve done online school since I got into college. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet new people at school, so this will give me many opportunities to make new friends and get out of my comfort zone!” 

The Disney College Program is still actively taking applications of students currently enrolled and taking classes in the US for their April program, “This is a fantastic opportunity for students,” said Conder, “If anyone is questioning whether to do this program or not, do it! Take the chance!,” concluded Michaelson. 

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