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Volunteer State students sound off on semester and finals.

Last updated on April 22, 2022

By Nichollas Plucker

With the Spring semester at Vol State Community College drawing closer to its end, Vol State students are expressing their opinions over final exams and the semester as a whole.

“I’ve been studying for them in like weeks in advance,” said Volunteer State Community College student, Alexandria Wyenandt.

“Most of my teachers this semester were unorganized and horrible. They often changed assignments like the minute they were due, it was overwhelming, and they assigned them not according to the syllabus at all. So, it was horrible this semester last semester was a lot better,” said Vol State student Sarai Edwards.

“So, the semester has been fine, I’m a little behind on my work, but that’s all. Preparing for finals by just basically reading over the materials that I am a little stuck on,” said Vol State student William Kane.

“So, I will only be taking two finals because one class is a Speech class, and the other is an online class. I feel like my professors have prepared me for those, so I’m not to worry about it, but it’s most definitely nerve whacking. At the end of the semester, you’re trying to keep your grades up,” said Vol State student Isaiah Perry.

“I think this semester has been treating me poorly actually, because I lost a lot of motivation, and I procrastinated a lot. I don’t think I’m really prepared for the finals, just because math is really hard. I don’t know, this semester has not been the best, but I’m hoping that I do pass the finals.” said Vol State student Dulse Quiroz.

“I’ve been studying every day for like two hours and the semester has been going pretty good, just stressful, but I’m making through it” said Vol State student Emilio Jimenez.

“I’m prepared for them, I’m nervous about my Math but other than that not really nervous about the rest of them. The semester has been treating me very well,” said Vol State student Tabitha Anglemyer

Spring classes at Vol State will end on April 29 and finals for the Spring semester will take place between April 30- May 6.

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