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Vol State Hosts Tuesdays @ 2

Last updated on April 19, 2021

Photo Provided by Pixabay

By Kayla Osborne

The Volunteer State Community College Office of Student Engagement and Support has been hosting a college success Zoom meeting Tuesday’s at 2 p.m.

According to the Vol State website, “This is an open Zoom room to ask questions, connect with other students and gain some helpful tips for success in college. No reservation or appointment is required.”

“We have our Tuesdays @ 2 Zoom room set up for students to hop in and ask questions, connect with others, and share what they want. This is our alternative to students being able to walk into our office and ask questions and connect with us. These meetings are specific to Vol State students,” said Coordinator of Student Support, Tiffany Zwart.

According to Zwart, the zoom meetings have been occurring since the beginning of the semester however, only one student has attended the meeting thus far.

“We have not heard any feedback, and it honestly hasn’t been well received,” said Zwart.

Due to the decrease in on-campus learning, the frequency in student engagement with the office has decreased as well.

“The thing is, the way college is being done is so out of the “norm” these days. This was our response with the hope to hold an open space for students. Our office sits across from the cafeteria and back in the “olden days” when students were actually on campus, we would have students pop in all day long to ask different kinds of questions. We miss talking with our students and we really just want to make time and space for them,” said Zwart.

According to the Vol State Event Calendar, students can still take advantage of the Zoom room as the meetings are scheduled to continue through March 2.

For students who would like to participate or have questions about the meeting, they can reach out to Tiffany Zwart via email or they can contact the office of Student Engagement and support at 615-230-3653.

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