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VSCC nursing program had a 100% pass rate in the fall 2020 semester

By Breanna Hiett

This year, Vol State’s Nursing department accomplished a 100% pass rate in fall 2020. The Nursing Program at Vol State is still new, the classes began in the summer of 2019. This semester is the first year that there was a 100% pass rate compared to the previous semesters.

“Yes, we are very excited to have a 100% pass rate for our first cohort of nursing students. This is a major accomplishment considering the national pass rate in 2019 for all RN (Registered Nurse) nursing programs was 88.2%,” said James Greer, Instructor of Nursing on Volunteer State Community College’s Livingston campus. 

Vol State’s nursing program offers students classes to get an Associate’s Nursing degree.

 “When a student begins the nursing program, they must be prepared to work hard and devote their time to school, because it is a fairly busy course load consisting of lectures, labs and clinicals,” said Joanna Marie Plumb, Professor of Nursing for Volunteer State Community College’s Gallatin campus. 

During the summer semester, all eighteen of the nursing students that took the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) exam passed it on their first attempt. 

The exam is what students have to pass in order to become a registered nurse. The person taking the test has to answer a minimum of 75 questions to a maximum of 265 questions. The results are based on how well the questions are answered.

“You have to consistently meet the threshold for the test to end. It’s pretty anxiety-inducing. I called my dad after my test and cried to him because I thought I failed. Ha-ha,” said Plumb.

After passing the test, the student is officially is a Registered Nurse (RN). 

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the students have been doing their course work online since the beginning of March. 

 “The group of students currently in the program are very bright and talented. They will also shine in the professional world of nursing,” said Angela Janicek, Professor of Nursing for Volunteer State Community College’s Gallatin campus. 

A nurse student checks the dosage on her digital tablet, picture provided by Vol State virtual community website.

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