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VSCC Offers Online Academic Support for Students

Photo Provided by Vol State Website.

By Kayla Osborne

Volunteer State Community College is now offering a number of online academic support tools to help students succeed in their classes. These tools include: access to academic coaching, eLearn help, free Microsoft apps, online tutors , help with papers, and virtual campus on Facebook.  

Academic Coach Support:

According to the Vol State website, to access the academic coaches, students must make an appointment for a virtual meeting where they can get help navigating eLearn, uploading assignments, and structuring their time management

“All departments of the college are adapting to the newness that is the pandemic in education and we all need to hang in there together to make it as smooth a transition as possible. If it takes one session/meeting or twenty, we will get through this together as a team,” said Academic Coach, Alice Warren.

According to Academic Coach, Dawnyell Fletcher, students have access to the academic coaches during normal business hours. Those hours vary with which day of the week it is, and students can see specific times of availability when making an appoint via this link.

“I would encourage students to ask questions and ask them early before assignments are due. I encourage students to plan ahead, especially in self-paced classes. They should be doing some type of homework every week even if no specific assignment is due. Writing assignments down in a planner or calendar is very helpful, but students have to think about what they need to work on each day. Finding pockets of time to dedicate to studying is important,” said Fletcher.

eLearn Support:

Students can also access support via eLearn.

According to the Vol State website, students can “access course materials anytime, anywhere they have internet access, collaborate online, engage in course related activities in a single environment, and learn new technology skills.”

Free Microsoft Apps:

Vol State has allowed students to access Microsoft office free.

According to the Vol State website, “All Vol State students have free access to Microsoft apps like Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel. It is through Microsoft 365. Students may find classes that require using those specific programs or ones like them.”

Normally people must pay to get the Microsoft Office Suite, but Vol State has made this free for students. They can take advantage of this by following the link on the Vol State website.

Online Tutoring and Help with Papers:

According to the Vol State website, students can get help with a number of topics like math, English, and science at all times with online tutoring.

“As far as eLearn and coaching support, there is nothing available 24/7, but is a 24/7 tutoring service that is free for Vol State students if they are struggling with a particular subject,” said Academic Coach, Lauren Powell.

Virtual Campus on Facebook:

Vol State now offer’s a virtual way to be on campus.

According to the Vol State website, “Online learning doesn’t mean you have to feel isolated and students can “join Vol States virtual campus on the main Facebook page.”

According to the Vol State website, students can also “join a special student group discussion page that Vol State has as part of that Facebook page. Students can ask questions of each other, get tips, and sell textbooks.”

Students can access this group message by liking the main Vol State Facebook page and double click on the “Groups” tab to the left on that screen.

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