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VSCC will host a viewing of Climbing Every Mountain, followed by a discussion

Last updated on October 27, 2020

Climb every mountain art.

By Kayla Osborne

Volunteer State Community College will be conducting a zoom discussion following the viewing of the documentary, Climbing Every Mountain.

“The Transilient team an entirely transgender and Southern road crew has packed their days filming live interviews, additional footage and taking photo portraits as they travel around the Appalachian Mountains. Capturing the stories, culture and lives of transgender, gender-expansive, and nonbinary people, they are gaining a greater understanding of regional access to healthcare and of the community itself,” according to the Pflag website.

“The documentary is about the need for medical and mental health care for Transgender and Non-Binary people. It goes through the lives of several different individuals and the struggles faced in Appalachia,” said Tiffany Zwart, coordinator of student support. 

Transgender and nonbinary people in the southeast and rural areas of the United States are consistently left out of the movement and we work to give these folks, in particular, visibility. Transilient’s team members have never been professionals in any aspect of the project. Transilient gives opportunities to those who have not been given traditional education opportunities, who’s trans identity intersects with another marginalized aspect of themselves, and those from low-income backgrounds that need a platform to expand their work. The project takes on new assistants every year. In terms of who we interview, class, race and education divides have a tendency to corrode the root of any movement. We uphold all voices regardless of their political affiliation, the language they use to describe themselves, past histories, mistakes made and how they handle transphobia while keeping in mind all members in the community are coming from different financial, political and educational places.” according to the We are Transilient website.

The zoom discussion is scheduled for Oct. 29.

For students interested in participating in the discussion, please contact Tiffany Zwart.

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